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Data Destruction Los Angeles

Data Destruction Los Angeles

Security concerns not only for individuals and firms as well as the culpability of Information Officers to have procedures in place, are forcing more and more companies of any size to become more in charge of the information contained on the hard drive drives. This is not just Fortune 500 companies that ought to be concerned about data destruction. After a drive containing everything that data has completed its life-cycle inside their walls before releasing the drives or disks for resale or return from lease this concerns expands with that data itself whilst in use but even.

One option would be to use a business to offer on-site data erasure or hard disk destruction service to the buyer. It is a viable solution whether its loose hard disks, storage towers loaded with drives, or laptops and desktops with hard drives inside. A highly skilled company that may certify data destruction will bring together all the tools they want – whether its a software or hardware means to fix accomplish the task. This data destruction service should offer to offer you written documentation specific to every single drive’s serial number that certifies each drive is clean of web data.

An excellent illustration of the potential risks linked to this can be known through the recent launch of US diplomatic cables by Wikileaks. This episode has harmed US interests around the globe within an adverse manner. In case they decide to use prudent IT data destruction methods, this sort of unpleasant situation could have been avoided.

Erasure of drives in storage towers is far in the only situation in which these organizations need data erasure solutions. Another is the batches of laptops and desktops that require data cleanup before they are donated or returned at the conclusion of lease. By setting up a local sub-net, large batches of these assets (approximately 200) may be erased simultaneously. By again having the capability to certify the information destruction, the value of those laptops and desktops is increased.

Our corporate customers regularly ask us about the industry norms and standards for data destruction considering that the updated NIST 800-88 guidelines are vague. We certainly have compiled the following group of recommendations and greatest practices along with a privacy and security attorney who is yet another CIPP and CISSP.